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Repair rather than replace

Repair rather than replace


Dripping water taps. Blunt knives. Drawers that are stuck. Sound familiar? Things you have been wanting to repair for ages but keep putting off. So fetch your toolbox from the basement and give someone two or three hours of your time. Repair something that you are good at repairing. Each time they use it in the future, they will think of you and be happy about it for the rest of their life.

  • Harald Welzer, Sociologist and Social Psychologist

    Without a profound change in the economy and lifestyles, we won't get through the 21st Century which is getting warmer and warmer. And that's what "Time rather than stuff" is all about: Changing our way of thinking. Changing our way of giving gifts.

    Harald Welzer, Sociologist and Social Psychologist Futur Zwei
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